Trinidad and Tobago is the dual island of the Caribbean nation where you can experience the different cultures and cuisines. Trinidad’s capital Port of Spain arranges a big carnival festival every year whereas the Tobago known for its beaches and sands. Trinidad and Tobago is the best place for visitors who want to experience an adventurous vacation with their friends. You can visit this place according to your budget. There are many cheap hotels in Trinidad Port of Spain where you can stay if you have a tight budget. There are a lot of places where you should visit if you are new in Trinidad and Tobago. Let’s discuss some of the locations.

Places where you should visit in the Caribbean house

  1. Pigeon Point, Tobago:

The white sands and the wavy beach of Pigeon Point is the most beautiful point in Tobago. This is the famous beach in Tobago where a lot of visitors come to experience. There is an entry fee, and sun loungers are also available for rent.

  1. Caroni Bird Sanctuary, Trinidad:

It is the best place for nature lovers.

  1. Little Tobago Island:

It is in the east of Tobago, where you can see the red-footed boobies and frigate birds. You can visit this island with your family and can make your trip memorable.

  1. Maracas Bay, Trinidad:

This place is just 30 minutes far from Port of Spain and is known for one of the best beaches in Trinidad. Here you can enjoy calm weather with beautiful golden sand.

Other than these there are many places where you should visit if you visit the first time in Trinidad and Tobago.


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