Many children today live in a similar situation to their parents, spending a lot of time in isolated activities and forgetting about friendships or having a hard time creating these bonds. However, we need to be aware of this, as social interaction is very important, both in childhood and throughout life.

In this article, we have some tips so you can help your child win more friends and interact better with other children. Thus, it will have a complete and healthy development. Read on and you will find it not so difficult to get him to “get out of his bubble” and live experiences that will be fundamental now and in the future.

You might have a question in mind. Should I make technology available to children or not? The answer to this question is really confusing for many parents and guardians. The answer to this question is yes! Your kids need it but you have to keep an eye to your kids. Your kids face a world in which du home internet and different technologies are in virtually every corner.

Technology for kids

Encourage interaction

Unfortunately, there are cases where the child has difficulty making friends depending on how she is being raised. It is true, too, that each family is free to educate their children in whatever way it sees fit, but it must always be borne in mind that social interactions are a fundamental part of children’s development.


To change this scenario, it is necessary to encourage the child to interact with peers, play and talk. She needs to understand that she is embedded in a society and that having contact with others is rewarding and fun, and allows her new experiences.

Offer opportunities for your child to socialize

One way to stimulate this interaction and help your child make friends is to offer her several opportunities to get in touch with other children. After all, social interaction needs to go beyond living in the school.

Therefore, enroll your child in extracurricular courses, sports, and other activities that promote this relationship. In addition, take the child to the birthday party and to different places, such as fun centers and places where he is free to have fun and enjoy the company of other children.

Give the child emotional support

Another very important issue is to always offer emotional support to your child. After all, interacting with people, while arousing positive emotions, can bring some frustrations, and the child needs to be prepared to go through these situations without causing them major upheavals. This will enable you to develop your socio-emotional skills.

Observe the child’s behavior, talk to her and try to know how living with friends and the group is in general. Encourage your child to talk about what they are feeling and also to share any negative experiences they may have had.

After all, children fight and argue among themselves, but they are small disagreements that can quickly be resolved. However, your child may be hurt by it and even become isolated. Soon, he will need your support and security to know how to get around these situations and get closer to colleagues or, if necessary, make new friends.

Invite other children to your home


Talk to your child’s peers’ parents, neighbors, their own friends, and family members to promote simple events and visits. The purpose is to make children comfortable so they can have fun or study together.


Understand your child’s desire to fit in with certain groups.

To encourage your child to make friends, you will also need to consider his wishes. Each person has their personality, and this must be respected. Otherwise, social interaction will eventually become a great martyrdom and bring more negative than positive impacts.

There are children who enjoy playing sports and others prefer electronic games. There are even those who enjoy outdoor activities. So try to analyze which groups your child identifies with to target the interaction the right way.

Forcing the child into a situation she is not comfortable with is not good for her development. This will further stimulate isolation because instead of having positive experiences, she will go through unpleasant experiences.


Teach your child to approach others

The difficulty in making friends can also be related to the lack of competence to approach other people. It should be noted that some prefer to be quiet in their corner, because they do not know how to talk.


The dialogue can start, for example, simply by asking the name, where you study, what you like to do, who is your favorite superhero, among other simple subjects. This may seem like a simple question, but it makes all the difference in one approach.

After all, your child may not be able to make a new friend if he approaches another child by asking directly if he wants to play. She may say no because she doesn’t know him. So starting a small dialogue can be the most effective way to “break the ice” and have a positive experience.

Even adults have a hard time making friends, even with all their life experience and maturity. This is why it is very important to support your child to find out how to develop their social skills. That way you will be more and more confident and self-confident, taking all this for the rest of your life!



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