Today reprocessing claims drive up labor costs as billing staff is forced to devote more time to unpaid claims. Researches have shown that annually $15.5 billion is solely lost due to improper claims management. Thus today most of the healthcare practices opt for a more convenient solution of outsourcing their billing operation; reducing the chances of billing and claims errors.

The Common reason for urgent care claims denials are:

Improper front desk management – if a patient’s information is not correctly entered or completely, it results in billing and coding errors and denial and rejection of claims, which is why having an efficient front-end management is extremely essential. In fact, improper front-end management delays the whole proves of reimbursements.  

Coding errors – due to a lack of trained and experienced billers and coders, urgent care practices have to face numerous coding errors. as in the medical billing business, codes need to be regularly updated in order to experience a seamless billing operation.

Inexperience billers and coders – One of the main concerns for all urgent care is claims denial. inexperienced billers and coders add days to the revenue cycle interrupting cash-flow but can also rob you of potential revenue.

Sunknowledge Services Inc: a key toward a better urgent care billing and claims solution:

Serving more than 100s companies in all specialties along with the urgent care space, Sunknowedge Services Inc is one of the leading RCM solutions in the US known for the highest productivity metrics and seamless billing operation.

Taking care of your complete urgent care billing operation and ensuring task-specific activities like data management, eligibility and prior authorization, claims and AR management, our experts ensure a stringent level of accuracy rate of 99.9% in all the billing and collection processes.

Ensuring 80% operational cost-reducing in partnering with us for your urgent care billing services, our experts are completely proficient in handling any billing software like Kareo, Advanced MD, and many more, for seamless billing operation.

With complete operational transparency, we have over 100s of excellent industry references in the urgent care space. For more information, call our experts.


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