Accommodation in Trinidad varies from major hotel chains, business hotels and guest houses, some with conference centres, plus country-wide villas and apartments. There is a slew of guest houses in Trinidad Port of Spain, which are typically very easy to book unless it is during the Carnival season.

A weekend meeting, a Carnival trip, a blue-crowned motmot hunt; visitors to Trinidad have their needs and expectations and the accommodation stock on the island has grown accordingly. Trinidad accommodation is based around and inside Port of Spain: large hotel chains, business hotels and guesthouses, some with conference centres. Hotels in San Fernando and some rural establishments are also situated, particularly on the northeast coast. But there have emerged attractive guesthouses, villas and apartments wherever they are needed.

Adventurers and budget travellers stay in smaller hotels, guesthouses and properties for bread and breakfast. Guesthouses close to the capital include the Allamanda, Par-May-La’s, Monique’s and the House of Alicia. Beyond the area, most beach properties are supplied by the north, northeast and ssoutheast coasts, whether smart or rustic. When people have a peaceful escape in mind, Grande Rivière is beautiful on the northeast coast, with places such as Mt. Plaisir right on the beach.

On the other hand, the eco visitors and nature enthusiasts, both scientists and amateurs, quickly get out of town and head for the hills and forests. Particularly for those interested in the flora and fauna of the island, its wetlands, its nesting turtles, and above all its magnificent variety of birds, some properties are provided.


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