From lush green suburbs to skyscrapers, Auckland has the best of both worlds. It would be pretty fair calling it a sin if you’re missing out on this awesome city on your New Zealand vacation. The city is much like a canvas; on which you can paint your memories to always cherish.

Thanks to its geographical location and modern infrastructure, there’s absolutely no end to what you can explore; from the lush Mount Eden to the Sky Tower, one of the tallest buildings of New Zealand.

1. The Sky Tower: This iconic 328-meters-tall behemoth dominates Auckland’s skyline. It is also an observation and telecommunication tower and is also a hub for tourists. In fact, it is the top-rated Auckland tourist attraction. Visit the Sky Tower to indulge in the view, go for the adventure, and enjoy a luxury dining. But it may sometimes be closed due to adverse conditions.

2. Queen Street: Being the hub of Auckland attractions, Queen Street is flecked with restaurants, cafes and shops. At night, it turns all the more enchanting with many local theatre performances, and live music shows. Also stroll through the Auckland Art Gallery, which exhibits artworks from around the world. You can easily find a good restaurant in Papakura or nearby suburbs of Auckland.

3. Cornwall Park: When in New Zealand, you simply cannot miss this beautiful expansive parkland which is a peaceful hideout for the local people to unwind and indulge in recreational activities. Cornwall Park, along with having avenues lined with trees, also houses ancient heritage sites, farms, bistros & cafes, and also a sports ground. The volcanic cone called One Tree Hill is one of the most recognised features of Cornwall Park.

4. Waitemata Harbour: Providing the main sea-access to Auckland is the Waitemata Harbour, and for this same reason, is also known as Auckland Harbour. The word “Waitemata” comes from the Maori language which means “obsidian glass”. It owes its name to the sparkling water resembling dark volcanic glass which was found in the region by early settlers.

Waitemata Harbour is counted as one of the best tourist attractions in Auckland as it gives a magnificent and grand view of the city of Auckland something you’d never want to miss.

5. Mount Eden: A view of the glimmering skyline of one of the most influential cities in the world is nothing less than a delight to behold. Mount Eden will provide you with a hypnotic 360-degree view of the city. It is one of the best places to relax and is simply a treat for your eyes! Also, please your taste buds with a local lunch in a cafe in the area or you can simply Order Indian Food Online In Takanini or where you are staying in Auckland. Take a tour of the heritage spots and learn about the native Maori community. With a lush green environment and magnificent beauty, Mount Eden is indeed one of the most beautiful places to visit in Auckland New Zealand.


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