Many times, it happens that people sell their cars but do not wish to away from their private number plates. These number plates have become an important part of their life. They have purchased the plates with a lot of money. These personalized plates have given them a unique identity. People know them and their cars because of the unique combination of letters and numbers that others don’t have. Private number plates are represented as a status symbol, a token of love and admiration, and many other things.

Hence, it is necessary to know the ways to keep the private number plate even if the car is going to be sold.

By online or post:

Online is one medium to keep your number plate. Another way is by post. If you want to apply online, visit the website for details. Here, you will get all the needed information.


You have to obey the following rules:

Your car must be:

  • Registered in the UK for sure and that also with the DVLA
  • Your vehicle must be under the type that requires MOT
  • The car must possess a valid tax
  • The car should have a valid SORN for the last five years.
  • The car must be available for inspection

If you apply by post, you will require a V317 form. Either you transfer or preserve the vehicle registration number. Also, you need the logbook of the car (V5C).

It is up to the DVLA whether your car needs an inspection.

After their approval of the application, you will get a new logbook.
You will receive a V778 (document of retention) if the private number plate is in your own name.

Now, you have to know the reason to have a retention document.

The particular document proves that you are the owner of that specific private number plate. You are allowed to use that plate for 10 years. It signifies that you can add that plate to another vehicle. Again you can transfer the plate to someone else.

How much do you have to pay for keeping the number plate?

You have to pay £80 for taking the registration plate off the vehicle.

Ways to transfer your private number plate to someone else:

If you want to give your private number plate to another person or sell it, you need to assign it to that person’s vehicle.

You can do the needful through an online medium making use of the Personalised Vehicle Registration Service.

Now, if you want to do the needful by post, first you have to send the following stuff to the DVLA:

  • The car’s logbook that will have the private number plate
  • You have to fill Sections 1 and 2 and sign either the V778 or V750 form.

Can personalized number plate be attached to a leased car?

Yes, it is possible to add a personalized number plate to a leased car. Few more steps are involved.

Firstly, you have to make sure that you get permission from the particular leasing company.

You have to update the V778 form with the particular leasing company. Do it in the nominee section. The leasing company must be present on the V778 because it is the owner of the car as mentioned in the logbook. Send it to the DVLA. After you get it back, send that specific updated document to the leasing company.

Now, it is up to you whether you want the leasing company to put the new private number plate on the leased car or you will do it yourself after getting the car.

When you come at the end of the lease, you must remove the registration number plate. Ensure that the private number plate is no more attached to the leased car after the end of the lease. It will take around 6 weeks.

You must inform your insurer when you change your private number plate without fail.

It is important to update the insurance policy and enter the new details. The same criteria will be applied when you assign a registration number plate to a new car. Whatever it is, your insurer must be aware of it. The admin fee will depend upon the insurance agency.


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