Imaging center billing is a unique medical field focusing on leveraging advanced imaging procedures to diagnose various injuries and ailments. Imaging experts typically work as the “behind-the-scenes” professionals as they don’t do patient interaction. But, this does not limit the breadth of their practice. The overall scope of the imaging center involves many diagnoses and procedures, thereby making the imaging center billing a complex job.

Unfortunately, most imaging center experts often lack knowledge and experience in handling their billing process, thus ending up with denials due to human errors, inaccurate coding, and incomplete documentation procedures. If you are also encountering the same types of issues, following the critical tips mentioned below can help you-

Imaging center billing tips that you should follow-

1) Reduced errors:

Mistakes in imaging center billing are inevitable due to the complex nature of codes and procedures. Even with a good understanding of ICD-10 and CPT codes, your billing team can make mistakes. Any mistake in coding process can cause claim denials, delinquent AR and poor cash flow. Therefore, it’s crucial to meticulously review documentation before submission.

2) Leverage combination codes:

Physicians often recommend multiple scans for certain patients. This is where you need to use combination codes. In case a patient needs two scans for two different conditions, you need to use combination codes. Assigning accurate combination codes ensures timely payments from insurance companies.

3) Keeping up with imaging center coding changes:

The CD-10, HCPCS, CPT, and PCS coding guidelines are changed frequently, necessitating imaging center billing experts to stay on top of all the latest coding guidelines. Failure to keep up with the latest coding guidelines always leads to payment denials from insurance companies.

4) Regular audit:

Regular audits are essential in healthcare practices to identify discrepancies in the revenue cycle. Due to the complexity of imaging center billing, errors are unavoidable. Consistent audits help reduce error rates, investigate root causes, and maintain quality standards.

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Take the advantage of Explanation of Benefits:

Thoroughly reviewing all Explanation of Benefits (EOB) forms is an effective strategy to identify unnecessary payer down coding, bundling, or denials. Assign a dedicated team member to carefully compare EOBs to payments to ensure none are overlooked.

To avoid all these hassles of imaging center billing, a lot of practices have started outsourcing their billing processes to professional RCM companies. Outsourcing billing allows you to completely focus on patient care, while your imaging center billing partner takes the entire onus of your administrative side. If you are in search of a perfect imaging center billing company, Sunknowledge can be your best destination. As a leading RCM company in the nation, Sunknowledge has streamlined the perfect imaging center billing practices for hundreds of imaging service providers for more than a decade.


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