Deciphering The “Death” Card Of Tarot Deck

A lot of us who have gone through a tarot reading often go into panic mode when seeing the “Death” card. However, not many of us know that a “Death” card does not specify a physical death. Here is what the card indicates. You can also ask for queries to our best celebrity tarot card reader in mumbai, What Does The ‘Death Card’ Of Tarot Deck Denote?

How does the card look?

The Death card generally represents a skeleton, sometimes riding a horse, but more often brandish a machete. Surrounding it are dead and dying natives from all classes, including bishops, kings, and common herd.

Image of The Original Rider Waite Tarot Pack     

The Original Rider-Waite tarot deck represents the skeleton carrying a black standard inscribed with a white flower along with the booming Towers from The Moon raising with The Sun sets at the back in the backdrop.

Omitting the name

Nevertheless, some decks, such as the Marseilles tarot deck, omit the name of the tarot card. The number 13 card shows favorable meaning in reverse reading.

An end

In readings, Death often symbolized an significant ending that will begin great change. It signals the end of a time; a moment when a door is closing. At such times, there may be unhappiness and unwillingness, but also help and a sense of achievement.

Back to basics

Death also proposes getting down to fundamentals. Dying has a way of assembling you focus on what’s significant. This card reminds you to cut out the redundant from your life.

The inevitable

Death can also signify you will occurrence an unstoppable force. Death is predictable, and sometimes there are events that are unavoidable as well. When these moments happen, the best approach is to ride your destiny and see where it takes you. Let know all the secrets of your life by best astrologer in jaipur.

Leaving the past

A death card when accurately translated does advise a death. But, not actually it does not mean a real death. It could mean the closing a business deal, death of a relationship, putting the past in the back or closing one door to open a further. It can be or bad. May be favorable and bad at the same time. You get this when you get your personal prediction. Consult our best astrologer in Mumbai for more information or personalized prediction.


This could mean varying status, varying from the known to the unknown, being cast loose, waiting in an in-between situation, being in the center, eliminating excess, cutting out what isn’t essential, shedding old thoughts, and focused on the essentials.


This could mean being in the new pathway of sweeping change, being trapped in the unavoidable, going through what cannot be evaded and being part of an influential movement, riding your fortune and accepting the predictable.

Breaking off something

The death card also revealed doing the predictable like breaking off a connection and relationship which has no life any longer or getting out of a job you don’t take pleasure in.

Moving on

With Scorpio as its sign, the Death card is as much about alteration as about defeat. Scorpio has 3 types: scorpion, serpent, eagle. The Death card specifies this change from lower to higher to utmost.

Starting afresh

So even as something is getting hold from us, something fresh is shaped. That new thing will not be the same as what was gone, but it will step into that blank space and give us cause to carry on.

Giving you the power

While the death card is not forever negative, it does not mean that it is forever positive as well. All said and done, the death card gives you authority to change your fortune by putting your past away and that’s constantly a good thing.

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