Email security can be d as the process of protecting the email content and access from getting hacked or used by a person with wrongful intention or otherwise. Emails are a primary mode of communication in the life of a person and also in an organization. All the vital and important information is shared via emails all around the world. So, it is important that the emails which we own are kept safe and secure from the hackers. This is why the concept of email security has been generated to make people aware on why it is important and how you can improve it.

How to Improve Email Security?

There are a lot of ways in which we can improve the security of the email ids we own. First of all, as it is said, prevention is better than cure. So, it is always better to keep your email secure by adding a strong password. A strong password will surely be difficult to hack and also guess work will not apply here. Don’t use birthday dates, your phone numbers, or simple and generic passwords for your emails.

Also, make sure that you follow a two factor authentication method. This will make sure that even if somebody knows your password cannot access your email. They will have to pass a second password authentication which they may not be able to. You can add a finger print or a security question. Make sure that you don’t write down the answer of your security question anywhere or don’t mention it much often. This way your second factor of authentication can state safe and your mail can be secured a well.

Keep your devices locked always. Keeping your device unlocked, not only poses a threat to your mail but also your personal pictures, data, and much more. Anybody can access your data if they have your phone. Plus, most of us have our email id logged in permanently which makes us even more vulnerable. So, always add a lock code or password on your phone so that it always remains secure and even if it gets stolen or accessed by someone else, they can do nothing about it.

Try and use separate email accounts for personal and private contacts. Also, try and send out the least of information you can about your financial data including pins, OTP’s, etc. on your email account as they can prove to be very dangerous. Don’t click on any link that you are not aware of. It may be dangerous. The links can have virus or even hack your email or phone as well. Thus, you may lose all your data without even having time to stop it or even understand what happened.

These are some of the ways in which you can improve email security. If you wish to know about digital communications and email security, you can check out the profile of Thierry Levasseur. Vancouver based Thierry Levasseur is an expert in the same and can prove to be very helpful with the same.


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