Different types of health complications can take place and may cause various health issues. For the health issues that are not easy to diagnose, the most crucial thing is diagnosis process or tests that are done to find out the main issues. Facial nerve paralysis is one of them – occurs all of a sudden within hours or days that may cause due to virus like herpes simplex. The most crucial thing is to know about the symptoms as you can identify the issue only when you know about the symptoms. There are different other symptoms that include cold sores, herpes zoster and called shingles. Doctors theorize that a virus may be responsible for the temporary paralysis associated this problem.

Know About the Causes of Facial Nerve Tumor

Facial nerve tumor may cause problems like inflammation in the seventh cranial nerve that carries electrical signals between the brain and facial muscle. When nerve swells, the narrow and bony space in the skull through which the nerve roams may constrict the nerve. A brief moment of constriction may cut off blood supply to the nerve and prevent it from functioning. Thus, signals from the brain cannot reach the facial muscles and may prevent them from moving.

Virus Can Be a Cause behind Facial Nerve Tumor Too

In some cases, facial nerve paralysis or facial nerve tumor may cause by a virus – may affect one side of the face and may be permanent (rarely). As soon as the inflammation subsides and the nerve shrinks back to its normal size, blood flow is restored and the nerve recovers. Facial nerve disorder, the main cause of weakness on one or both sides of your face, can be critical as it may increase the chances of losing your facial expression and find it difficult to eat, drink and speak clearly.

What Happens in Case of Facial Nerve Tumor

It can also become difficult to close your eyes and blink that can lead to damage to your Cornea. It is diagnosed with salivation test as decreased flow of saliva may help locating the site and severity of a facial nerve lesion that can help determining, if there is infection, a tumor, a bone fracture or any other abnormality. These studies usually include a CT scan or a MRI Scan.

Tests and Checkups Are Essential to Get Done

After tests and proper check-ups, surgeon may recommend you cut facial nerve or provide you right treatment and surgery for facial nerve tumor. For cut facial nerve or facial nerve tumor surgery and complete treatment, you need to consult with experienced surgeon, who has proven track record and years of experience.


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