A Network Operations Center (NOC) is a centralized location where IT technicians directly support remote management and monitoring software (RMM) efforts. NOC equipment is widely used in managed IT services and is a formidable service delivery mechanism for many Managed Service Providers (MSP).

These technical teams monitor the terminals that they control and manage independently of each other. NOC teams are also very involved in high-level security actions and disaster recovery and support (DRB) efforts, providing customers with 24/7 availability 365 days a year. An MSP provider.

Network Operations Center, NOC configuration, with full 24/7 active traffic monitoring

Our experienced noc setup checklist, NOC engineers, can monitor traffic to your destinations 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day. NOC monitors average pass rate (ASR) and average duration measurements. Calls (ACD) and improves routing to improve customer-specific quality while targeting specific profitability levels. NOC also performs LCR and Operator Performance Monitoring (CPM), forced routing, route locking, and routing changes. We can build reports based on your needs, typically for the entire switch site or detailed for customer-level releases.

Self-monitoring by the hour ensures that the quality provided to retail customers and wholesalers is of the highest quality. This process also ensures that your suppliers are constantly monitored. Our CNO team has experience in the backend and interface of leading calling card platforms such as digital, ECT, Excel switches, NACT switch, Cisco VoIP products, Auris platform, Nextone SBC, VoIP switch, VSR, and various customized solutions. Based on the asterisk. Our technical support teams can also assist in diagnosing and troubleshooting such systems.


Trouble Ticket Resolution –

Here, the NPC supports problem logs created by phone, email or instant messaging. Trouble tickets are built professionally with technical reports for all incidents sent to the customer. NOC ensures that the processing time for problematic cards is as short as possible. Corrective action is taken against all real problems, and technically correct answers are provided to customers when this is not the case. As marketers, they quickly contact suppliers, so those who solve customer problems can also take appropriate measures to ensure supplier quality on an ongoing basis as needed. In all situations, a team thoroughly documents all cases, problem logs, and significant routing changes to clarify the total for audit purposes. The required protocols are fully customized for the NOC configuration of a specific client.

Rate Upload and Management –

We are aware that the success of a telecommunications company offering calling cards or wholesale services depends on the fees billed by its suppliers to be loaded and managed quickly in the switch. Profitability depends on rapid routing changes based on different rates received. NOC manages these rates and ensures that all rate reductions provided by suppliers are used. We also ensure that the appropriate routing changes are made to frequently used codes so that profitability is not affected.

Rate Upload and Management –

We appreciate the success of a telecommunications company that provides the cards or the vendor depends on them. The profitability depends. We make these benefits. We also take care not to be affected.

Back End Order Processing Services –

NOC can handle all aspects of background processing for card and PIN orders online. This includes verifying the customer, his credit card and the law, detecting suspicious activities, processing the payment and then until the pins are finally released. Customers can also be tracked to increase sales and remind them of the remaining balances.



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