The Havoc descendant scooter has been a hot seller in the adventure scooter industry for quite some time now. This ultra-stylish scooter has been constantly rated among the best havoc pro scooters in the market and here are a few reasons that make it such an enticing buy for enthusiasts:

Sleek and stylish:

The Havoc descendant pro scooter features an elegant design that is complemented by its color options – All black as well as blue and black.

Bigger frame:

Featuring a deck that measures 19.6 inches by 4.5 inches, the havoc descendant is a bigger version to the highly popular havoc storm scooter and is perfect for people looking for a bigger scooter to ride.


Despite its bigger size, descendant scooter by Havoc is quite lightweight and weighs in just under 4kg or 8.80lbs, all thanks to its aluminum built. This makes it easy to carry around by young kids and adults alike and the perfect companion for adventures.

Customizability and accessories:

Havoc scooters in Canada are well known for their range of accessories on offer. Havoc scooter accessories feature a wide array of designs to take your scooter’s customizability to the next level. From handlebar grips to wheels, bearings to bolt clamps, grip tapes to complete kits, the options are endless.

Built to last:

Whether you are a beginner who takes a lot of tumbles, or a pro scooter rider who takes their ride on tough terrain adventures, the havoc descendant scooter in Canada can handle it all. Its sturdy design features fully sealed bearings and a forged steel fork to make it a solid option for a sturdy rider.


All havoc scooters in Canada come with 1-year limited warranty which is also extended to its range of accessories.

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