Did you unfortunately involve yourself in a fatal truck accident and don’t know what to do? Instead of calling your friends and relatives if you have five minutes, give this article a read and take proper action.

More knowledge means more calculative decisions because, under those circumstances, you must be calm, but first of all, get medical attention. Here we aim to provide all the information to protect your legal right after being involved in a truck accident; the shock might irritate you where you find it challenging to think about what to do next. To recover your compensation, it would be best if you follow the following steps carefully.

1. Seek Medical Attention

That might sound obvious, but there is a lot to do after a commercial truck accident, in most cases people who are not severely injured may not think of getting medical help while dealing with the aftermath of the accident. As an experienced truck accident attorney we strongly recommend that you follow up with a medical appointment to check your health condition because sometimes you might feel pain after few hours of the shock, some injuries are not realised right after, so even if you feel fine, you should check-up with a doctor.

From a legal point of view, a doctor’s opinion is valuable to claim your compensation; it would give you legal claim the best possible start, which can shape better the entire case. Remember one thing if you don’t claim your insurance company would be very happy because they only make money but avoid paying claims, you could lose your financial compensation without proper medical evidence.

2. Activate Auto Insurance

Make sure you notify your insurance company for auto insurance as soon after the accident if there is a serious injury it likely slipped off your mind, but you must not miss the chance. Letting your insurance company know about your claim will make them think seriously about your claim, which can be beneficial while filing your compensation if you avoid doing that you might lose your chance of collecting compensation.

You must try to keep the report as factual as possible without thinking twice do not offer your apology or opinion, you never know it might get used against you, let the law enforcement officers come to the spot and prepare an accident report, with the report in hand you will be in a much better position to know whose fault it is.

3. Get an Accident Report

Another must-do after a wreck is to obtain your accident report and other necessary paperwork from your law enforcement team; it will also reflect the accident is quite serious. On the basis of the report, you can not only claim your insurance but also form your legal case. You must keep the report and all other documents from the accident including, photo, video footage, any contact info, you never know those can help you a lot while building your case.

4. Do Not Talk To The Trucking Company

Another most important thing is you must avoid talking to the trucking company even if they insist, you feel rude saying “no” but in order to protect your legal rights, you have to do that. It would be best if you don’t talk to the trucking company, especially if you think they want to talk to you purposefully. Remember one thing you have no such legal obligation to talk to anyone after being involved in a truck accident, other than police and your attorney.

In most cases, the trucking company or their insurance company tries to contact the party involved in the accident. If you get such a call, try to tell them you are not yet ready to talk about it, you can also tell them doctors are still waiting for the final report about your injuries. Few weeks after a crash is the most crucial, within that time you must hire a truck accident lawyer who will handle the insurance companies on your behalf. So, if you get any call from the trucking company, you can ask them to talk to your lawyer directly.

Hire An Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer

If you have been involved in a truck accident recently and looking for an experienced truck accident lawyer, connect with us, we will guide you on what to do to recover maximum compensation out of the accident. Our team understands the legal process better, so they will thoroughly guide you on how to protect your rights after the accident.

We have years of experience in handling commercial truck accident cases with positive results. Truck accident cases require months to solve we know how to speed up the entire process and what evidences can help you. We know where to breakdown and reconstruct the accident with proper documentation. To know more about our services, you can book an initial free consultation.


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