If you’re having problems with your sex life, you should consider having a sex conversation with your girlfriend. According to research, couples who have good sexual communication are happier about their sex lives. Open communication can lead to a better relationship and increased feelings of intimacy. You can also try crossdressing therapy.

When Is It Appropriate to Discuss Sex?

There is a right and wrong time to talk about sex with your partner. Waiting for the right time to bring up the subject will help you avoid any of the uncomfortable or awkward feelings that can arise during sex conversations. You can also choose a venue that is neutral. Before going to bed, avoid discussing sexual problems in your bedroom. Consider taking a more “neutral” stance. Check to see if the kids are tuning in!

Post-sex conversations should be avoided. When you’ve had sex, don’t talk about it. Select a time that is more “neutral.”

Avoid catching your partner off guard. If you want to discuss sexual issues with your partner, tell them (without blaming them) that you believe the two of you need to talk about your sexual intimacy. Make a time for the conversation.

How to Have a Conversation about Sex

There are some things you can do to make sex discussions simpler for both of you

Begin slowly: Begin the conversation with a “soft start.” Begin by setting a target for yourself to feel more linked to your partner. Avoid assigning blame. Instead of focusing on criticisms, think about what you and your partner can do to make your sex life more satisfying

Concentrate on Intimacy: Remember that intimacy and affection are just as significant as sex frequency. Beyond intercourse, there are ways to create intimacy and feel more connected, so be sure to discuss your desires for other forms of affection as well.

Don’t be surprised: It’s important that you and your partner are on the same page, so have those conversations first before surprising them. Discuss your interests as well as any dreams you might have. If you plan to incorporate some of these into your relationship, do your research together.

Put yourself out there: Be open and frank with one another about your hopes, fears, desires, and concerns. It’s important to express your true feelings about this. Don’t be afraid to talk about what you want and don’t like in terms of sexuality. Your degree of comfort is crucial to having a fulfilling sex life. You can also try femdom submissive slave if you like.

Talk a lot: Recognize that you may need to have several discussions rather than just one long one. This should not be a one-time conversation; it should be a regular occurrence.


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