During the lockdown you can have fresh prepared meals delivered direct to your door in the UK thanks to The Lions Prep.

One of the many ways in which covid-19 and the resulting lockdown is affecting everyday life is in the availability of food. From long queues to empty shelves to the closure of restaurants, it has become harder to source the ingredients that you love best. At times like this, the option to have fresh prepared meals delivered direct to your door in the UK becomes even more valuable and The Lions Prep can help.

Why choose The Lions Prep over other food delivery services?


The dishes delivered by The Lions Prep are not just mass-produced frozen meals. They are prepared and cooked by hand by professional chefs who use the freshest possible ingredients. We also use local providers whenever possible. This maximises both the flavour and health benefits to ensure our meals are truly a gourmet product.


Using fresh and high-quality ingredients is only one way in which The Lions Prep make our dishes healthy. We also offer you the opportunity to have your meal plan designed by an expert nutritionist. This means that your meals can be tailored for your body type and needs. You may just want to improve the general quality of your diet, you may want to lose weight or build muscle. Whatever the reason, we have the plan for you.


Many online providers are likely to offer you a limited choice of ingredients or meals. The Lions Prep has over 500 combinations of meals available to ensure there is something for everyone. If you don’t want a nutritionist-tailored plan, you can pick your own, and there is always the option of making individual adjustments to the menu. You can also choose a preferred delivery day (Wednesday or Sunday) and whether you want a regular subscription or a one-off order. At all points, our focus is allowing you maximum control of your experience with The Lions Prep.


One of the most important aspects of home-delivered meals is that they are convenient for you. Every aspect of ordering a meal from The Lion’s Prep is designed to make your life easier. You can choose your preferred meal plan in which you can either pick your own combination of ingredients or have a nutritionist tailor the plan for you. Meals are delivered up to twice a week and will be prepared and cooked by our chefs so you don’t have to do any of the hard work. You won’t even need to clear up afterwards.

Food delivery may be becoming more popular during the lockdown, but few companies can offer you the specially-tailored, high-quality service offered by The Lions Prep. Our meals are designed to give you the maximum degree of choice whilst making the process as convenient as possible. This ensures you can have the tastiest, healthiest meals whilst staying at home.


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