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Whether you’re a business whose job is recruitment, supporting many clients, or you have an internal team managing multiple vacancies, you will no doubt understand how critical your database and processes are to ensure your success. Whilst we don’t know how you do it right now, we certainly know there will likely be room for improvement!

So, what is CRM all about? Here’s our view.


First base in recruiting effectively is ensuring you manage your network of candidates as well as you possibly can. We are sure you will want to identify all potential talent for your business and find ways to know more about them and keep in touch regularly.

The Role Of CRM Software

Good CRM software should support and complement your existing processes and internal expertise. Maybe you are currently using manual databases? Perhaps you are using several systems/repositories of information? What you need is a single interface to help you to find and utilise information intelligently and in a timely manner. CRM recruitment software in the UK can help you to do this.

CRM Or ATS? The Differences

We’d like to bet you are already using some form of Applicant Tracking System, or several! You’ll likely be using it to monitor and trace applicants’ progression from opening the vacancy through to on-boarding.

The benefits of a CRM system are in addition to this. It will help you to find candidates looking for work, for sure, but it will also help you to track and learn about candidates currently passive and not on your radar. You will be able to build a much stronger pool of talent, intelligent information on them, and help you to find the best matches for any current or future roles. It’s a much more intelligent tool and everything you need will be accessible in one place.

When You Might Need A CRM System

It can be tricky to understand when you need the support of a CRM versus an ATS. Here are a few things to look for;

•       You have significant recruitment activity of many complex and diverse roles.
•       It is difficult to find the talent you need from simply advertising roles and you need a more in-depth understanding of talent in your area.
•       You know your processes are not up to the job.
•       You think you have lots of names in your database but no real intelligence on any of them.

You do know however you have a strong team, with lots of knowledge and experience. You just want to give them better tools to do their job.

A CRM system should do just that and enable you to find the best talent, when you need them, and hopefully before you need them too. It’s about building an intelligent and usable database with which to run your best talent programme.


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