A tractor assists the farmers in fulfilling most farm activities, even the challenging ones. For example, Mahindra Tractor improves the farm yield to a great extent and minimise the need for extra costs. However, these tractors sometimes lack a few add-ons that enhance their performance.

Increased efficiency is always welcome in the agriculture industry. This is why farmers don’t hesitate from purchasing additional attachments that give their tractors an edge over others. Here we provide a list of tractor accessories with their meaning and usage to understand where and why these accessories prove useful for farmers.

What is a tractor accessory?

An accessory serves as an addition to make a particular product more useful or presentable. Similarly, a tractor accessory adds to the tractor’s productivity and the operator’s safety and comfort. These accessories come with a compact design that complements the tractor.

Why should a farmer use tractor accessories?

  1. Tractor accessories enhance the overall productivity of the tractor.
  2. These act as a support to the tractor in challenging times.
  3. The accessories are easy to handle and simple to use.
  4. Tractor accessories modify the tractors to maximise the operator’s comfort.
  5. In addition, these help with combining other agricultural implements with the tractor.
  6. Moreover, these farm accessories come at affordable prices.

Types of tractor accessories with their functions

  • Tractor Bumper

A tractor bumper is basically a protective cover that shields the tractor’s front from any natural mishaps. Built with strong and sturdy material, these provide a reliable guard to the tractors. These are primarily designed to protect the tractors and other vehicles in case of an accident. The bumper also highlights the tractors’ width, thus making it more visible.

  • Tractor toolbox

As the name suggests, a tractor toolbox consists of all necessary tools that a farmer might need while operating the tractor. This toolbox includes essential tools like hammer, screwdriver, shear pins, tape measure, etc. A farmer modifies this toolbox according to his needs. For instance, a farmer may keep tractor maintenance tools in here or farming supportive tools or even both, depending upon the toolbox’s size.

  • Tractor Canopy

A tractor canopy mounts over the operators’ seat and functions as a shade to the operator. Just like we wear goggles to protect our eyes from harmful sunrays, a tractor canopy protects the operator from harmful natural disturbances like excess sun, rain, snowfall, and other climatic conditions. These days, tractor brands focus on maximising the canopy’s strength and therefore, builds them with fine class robust material like metal, steel, or iron.

  • Tractor Clutch-lock

The tractor clutch controls the tractors’ movement by distributing power to the transmission system and the tractors’ wheels. Here the clutch-lock serves as an anti-theft device that effectively prevents the tractor from moving even when the engine is on—this prevention results in better efficiency of the clutch plate. A clutch-lock is built with stainless steel, that makes it impossible to get broken easily.

  • Tractor Jack

A tractor jack is built with the industrial standards, mainly to pull heavy loads. Its heavy-duty design enables it to load, haul, and spread the tractor efficiently. It comes with both a manual design and an automatic design. Combine a reliable tractor jack with long-lasting tractor models for best results.

  • Tractor Drawbar

Broadly, drawbars come in two variants – fixed or swinging. A drawbar essentially helps the tractor in attaching itself to the implements like trailers. This accessory offers firm support, but it is also a very flexible tool that lets the implements move in circles if needed. Along with this, it provides the ease to load and unload the equipment efficiently.

  • Tractor Tarpaulin

A tarpaulin, commonly known as Tripal in India, acts as a flexible cover for the tractors and other agricultural equipment. This cover protects the tractor from any natural damage such as sun rays, rain, etc. Its flexible design requires the use of material like plastic, polyester, canvas, and so on. Some farmers might even use this for protecting the crops and the livestock.

  • Tractor Trolley Hook

This accessory comes in use when the tractor requires to be attached with a trolley. This steel alloy hook comes with a bolt and pin that makes it easier to connect the tractor with the trolley. A trolley hook serves as reliable facilitation between the two equipment. With this accessory’s help, one may easily attach their Mahindra Tractor with the trolley to load mud, crops, or crop residue.

In short, tractor accessories make the tractor more efficient, effective, and productive. These small tools are highly reliable and add to the tractors’ life. Tractor accessories do not account for huge investments either which makes them preferable by most Indian farmers.

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