Batterie al piombo is the most common battery type that is used in the photovoltaic systems. These batteries are efficient and have low energy density as well. Apart from that all, they all go for moderate efficiency, and it maintains the high requirements as well. These batteries are rechargeable ones and mostly used in the car engines.

How long battery runs?

When you are going for the battery capacity, you can see that such batteries come with the battery capacity’s active materials and how it depends on the other parameters. To get the whole idea about the Batterie al piombo, you can get to see these.

  • You need to check the charging and discharging regime.
  • The battery DOD and its life.
  • How it reacts if you make it stay for a long time under low discharge.
  • What is the average temperature of the battery over time?

These are the top things that you need to look at and can determine the lifetime of the battery. Apart from that, you can get to see other things as well from here.

Does it need maintenance?

As the battery deals with hydrogen and oxygen gases make it to lose the water in the battery. For all these reasons, it is required that you take care of the water level in the Batterie al piombo. If you are not taking care of it, you can see that it will make your battery lose its efficiency, and you may need to change it.


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