Given that millions of people prefer buying things online these days, you can’t afford to ignore the importance of selling your services and products online. Setting up an eCommerce store is also a viable idea. That way, you can sell thousands of different products and merchandise under a single online platform. The fact is, you can pick from a wide range of frameworks and applications to set up an eCommerce store. Magento is one of the popular contenders in this regard. You can hire a suitable Magento development company to develop your eCommerce store in an apt manner.

The basics of Magento

Magento is a versatile open-source platform that is used extensively for creating functional e-commerce websites. Its customization options are aplenty, and it also blends with third-party applications easily. The scalability and flexibility are amazing. It is available in 3 forms- Magento Open Source, Magento Commerce Cloud, and Magento Enterprise Edition. The last one is the flagship version.

The main benefits of using Magento for E-commerce website creation

SEO friendly platform: No matter how large or multifaceted is your eCommerce website, it can’t get top search ranking if relevant SEO measures are not deployed. The SEO agencies can do the needful, but it is better if the tool or application used is SEO friendly. In this regard, Magento races ahead of other contenders. Magento development companies can deploy several inbuilt SEO measures while developing e-commerce sites in an instant.

A huge number of extensions: Choosing a feature-rich eCommerce web development platform or framework is a good idea. However, web developers also need to use extensions to enhance the functionality of such sites. The notable benefit of Magento website development is that you get access to a huge range of extensions. The Magento Marketplace has oodles of functional extensions listed under categories like customer support, marketing, payments, shipping, accounting, sales, and more. Such extensions can also be added after the site is created.

Robust security: The security of your eCommerce site is something you can’t overlook at any rate. Magento is PA-DSS compliant by default. It adheres to the industry standard site protection parameters. The large eCommerce companies rely on Magento for the safety of payment processing systems. It is also ideal for customers who are paranoid about safety while buying or transacting online.

Resource-saving– The Magento services can create websites that do not guzzle resources. You have to realize that not all target customers are equipped with the latest computers and blazing fast web connectivity options. Magento made sites are known for loading faster even when there is considerable visitor load on the sites. People who shop online tend to be impatient, and they evade sites that take a long time to render or load.

Hosting flexibility: If you choose to get your e-commerce store developed with Magento, you get flexibility in hosting. You may or may not opt for Magento’s hosting services.

Multi-Website support: When you develop several websites using Magento and host them using the platform, controlling these sites becomes simpler. One back end admin is all you need to control the sites. That is why Magento is one of the top CMS platforms for e-commerce site development.

Multi-lingual and support for currencies: Your eCommerce site may be targeted at customers hailing from diverse countries. The customers may speak various languages, and they may not use any single currency as well. This is where Magento comes to the rescue. It supports numerous international currencies and a broad range of languages. So, you need not worry when your customer base is spread across the continents.

Mobile optimized development: The number of people using mobile devices for web access is growing. While a section of them prefers using the app over the websites, some use the mobile version of websites. The websites developed using Magento are mobile optimized. The sites made using the tool are also cross-browser and Cross-platform compatible. Magento supports HTML5 standards, and this makes mobile-friendly website development easy.

Development flexibility: Magento comes in 3 distinct flavors, and this gives the developers enough flexibility. Those with tight budgets can go for the free Community edition. If budget is not an issue, the enterprise edition is there with additional bells and whistles. Additional modules are using which can enhance site functionalities.

Gargantuan online community: Magento, as a CMS platform, enjoys the support of a vast online user community. This proves to be of immense use to the new developers. The online Magento Community comprises veteran and skilled programmers, developers, project managers, and bloggers. They can serve as reliable sources of support during site development. In most cases, you get free and fast support.

Rapid development: One major advantage of Magento web development is the short development cycle. This can be ideal when you have a number of e-commerce sites to develop, and deadlines are short. The developers can multitask without hassles while using the platform. Faster site development also leads to lower costs.

Superb integration– No matter what website development tool or platform you use, it becomes necessary to integrate the site with some online services. In this regard, Magento gives you no reason to grudge. Magento supports integration with a lot of widely used popular online services and tools. The notable ones are third party payment gateways, order tracking systems, and database applications. Moreover, it is laden with useful Google tools like Google Base, Checkout, and Analytics. This makes monitoring your e-commerce site performance a breeze.

Final words

Magento web development is popular, and you can choose it for developing your eCommerce site as well. The development cycle is short, and flexibility is undeniable. Even after developing the site, it can be customized heavily using the tool. The huge online support community and embedded SEO features make it an unbeatable contender. The security features are also superb. It also comes with mobile-friendly web development provisions. Overall, it can serve as the ideal platform to develop eCommerce websites.


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