What are cable protection tiles?

The cable protection tiles are mostly used in innumerable locations for protecting cables otherwise open cables can pose damage to people. Cable protection covers protect the consumers from wiring that may contain electrical hazards.


Importance of cable protection covers?

The underground cable protection covers are made from high-impact or recycled polyethene. The covers are designed for withstanding the damage and protecting high/ medium voltage cables. The cable protection cover safeguards high voltage cables from severe damage caused by excavators and diggers. This may cause cable strikes while working around the utility service or underground cable.


The stokbord and tape tile cable protection cover protect cable ducts and LV-HV cables which are implemented by the open-cut trench process. Every cable protection cover can help in protecting cable wires during any kind of excavation task to provide a precise visual warning about the presence of the underground cable and cable ducts. This cable identification is fully compliant with industry standards.


What happens when a high voltage cable strikes?


Excavators impacting on high voltage cable incising the cable sheath can cause a power outage. With no proper planning of the project development can increase the chances of serious accidents to operatives. This may hugely increase the cost amount of the project. So with the help of cable fault locators and usage of cable protection tiles can ensure the safety of workers and can immensely avoid accidental risks of striking high voltage cables. The damage to cables located underground can have grave damage to workers working in the vicinity of the cables or power blackout.


Is Stokbord good to use?


The Stokbord cable protection cover is extremely apt for undergoing high voltage protection of cables. You can get four thickness variants of the stokbord covers. Those are 6, 9, 12 and 18 mm.


The stokbord cable protection cover is hassle-free to fabricate and is a perfect product to protect underground cables.


The stokbord cable protection cover is completely joint, overlapped and attached with plastic joint pegs in providing safe high-voltage cable protection. The cable protection tiles usually present a background in red colour with yellow tape consisting of visible warning – ‘Caution Electric Cable Below’. This stokboard cable protection covers match impact requirements for the underground cable protection cover. It not only saves from impact to the cables which can be created through excavation as it clearly shows the appropriate place where the cables are actually laid. The location of cables thus gets simplified.


Advantages of using stokbord cable protection tiles


  1. a) Provides precise and clean warning to third parties
  2. b) The cable protection tiles can be customised with various sizes suiting high/medium voltage cable wires
  3. c) Consist of bold warning text along with company logo to clearly identify places having dangerous cable wires
  4. d) The damages to the cables have been reduced taking from the cost of repairs to HV jointing
  5. e) The cable protection tiles are lightweight and hassle-free to install irrespective of any weather conditions.
  6. f) Stokbord are well durable with great impact resistance for cable protection.
  7. g) Resistant to corrosion and also resistant to the soil conditions for burials.


All these benefits along with the features of Stokbord makes these products far better than the steel, concrete tile/plates/cable covers.


How to install cable protection tiles?


Each and every duct and cable laid into the cable trenches must be protected through cable protection tiles or tapes depending fully on high-voltage cables/ducts to be protected within cable ducts.


The stokbord cable protection covers or tiles get installed over the cables in correct trench drawings, though there is no need for installing either above approved ducts using the popular trenchless technique if installed it has to be deemed that extra MV-HV cable protection is needed. while using Tape tile, it must be cut cleanly and then installed. This is because the high/medium voltage cable is completely covered throughout the whole length of the cable duct installed.


Have a look at the measurement that may be needed while buying correct cable protection tiles-


  1. a) Low voltage Service Cable 40 m x 200 mm x 2.5 mm Tape Tile
  2. b) Low voltage Mains Cable 40 m x 200mm x 2.5mm Tape Tile
  3. c) 11kV Medium voltage Cables 40m x 200mm x 2.5mm Tape Tile
  4. d) 22kV Medium voltage Cables 40m x 200mm x 2.5mm Tape Tile
  5. e) 33kV Medium voltage Cables 1000mm x 244mm x 9mm Stokbord
  6. f) 66kV Medium voltage Cables 1000mm x 244mm x 9mm Stokbord
  7. g) 132kV Medium voltage Cables 1000mm x 244mm x 9mm Stokbord


In conclusion, it is important to state that every cable protection tile can help in preventing severe damage. Give the precise indication for underground pipes through these cable protection tiles which can avoid any accidental droppings and collision effects. Make this indicator a vital component for your construction work to easily locate the position of cables.


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