Why North Kolkata is the Ideal Destination For Contemporary Living?

Though plush living is quite synonymous with a luxury flat in South Kolkata, the recent trends suggest Northern part of the city an emerging destination of contemporary living. Packed with the antique buildings of the British era, the neighbourhoods of North Kolkata narrates nostalgia in every lane and by lanes. However, the foray of contemporary lifestyle along with a slew of infrastructural development has encouraged expansion in the real estate realms of the north. With high- rise futuristic apartments re-shaping the skyline, north Kolkata is also becoming a part of the city’s booming real estate scenario.

So, what are those factors that are making North Kolkata an archetypal destination for contemporary habitat? Let’s find out from Mr. Dutta, the owner of a 4 BHK luxury property in Bonhooghly.

Easy Transportation & Connectivity

Easy and effortless transportation is one of the prime reasons behind the real estate boom in the northern part of the city. With the expansion of metro, the situation turns even more conducive. Earlier, people had to resort to bus and other modes of transport for daily commute which was quite strenuous. The expansion of metro network certainly brings a sigh of relief to the daily passengers. The ease of transport is currently the major highlight of the region and the developers are leveraging this as one of the prime determinant of the property value.

Availability of Civic Amenities

For Mr. Dutta, one of the core reasons behind purchasing a flat on B.T Road is the availability of the civic amenities. Amongst the major developments taking place along the stretches of B. T Road, mention must be made of the premier educational institutions, hospitals, and other civic amenities. When the residents do not need to travel far for emergency, it definitely becomes a major highlight of the project.

Entertainment Galore With Retail Therapy

Keeping pace with South Kolkata, now the northern part of the city is also getting featured with plethora of entertainment hubs and shopping centres. It means, your weekends will no longer be boring if you are staying in this region. No wonder, presence of these facilities is attracting a large volume of potential homebuyers.

Real Estate in North Kolkata

Coming with the accelerated development of social infrastructure, North Kolkata is becoming a preferred destination for the potential homebuyers. Neighbourhoods of North Kolkata are with high end superb apartment that great lifestyle and comfort stay. From providing prime locations, proximity to attractive entertainment and shopping hubs and of course, North Kolkata has already turned into a happening destination for contemporary living.

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