After knowing about the early signs and symptoms and making final decision for parotid tumor surgery, the most crucial thing is to know about the type of parotid tumors – divided into two types – the benign or non-cancerous and another one is malignant.

The benign and malignant tumors occur in different types. The most common tumor is the benign mixed tumor or pleomorphic adenoma.

Mixed tumors have well-defined edges and don’t have significant portions invading normal tissues like cancers.

The main issue with the tumors that you need to know about before parotid tumor surgery, is that they will continue to grow making it more and more difficult like cancers.

Another issue with the tumors is that they will continue to grow making it more and more difficult to remove through parotid tumor surgery or through other methods. They can turn into a malignant tumor. The next most common benign tumor is the Warthin’s tumor or Papillary Cystadenoma Lumphomatosum.

Parotid tumor surgery or surgical excision is likely curative with a small incidence of recurrence. They are not known to degenerate into carcinoma, but occasionally occur on both sides.

Other benign tumors include Oncocytomas, Monomorphic tumor and others that are well-treated with excision.

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