Sweets and desserts are our favourite things and we should not forget to try falooda drinks. The falooda drink is the best dessert option. In summers, it is the best thing to have instead of having a meal. Falooda is a meal in itself. One glass of Falooda will make your stomach full. In this post, all the necessary information about Falooda is discussed.

Who doesn’t like milk and milk products? We all love milk with flavoured or non-flavoured ones. Do you love to drink a milkshake or a dessert? Then, you should try the Indian Rose Falooda drink. You will go crazy with its taste and there are many ingredients added to them that make it the best drink that you can have any time as you wish.

Rose Falooda is a famous flavoured Indian milkshake or flavoured milk dessert that is made from ice cream doused in vermicelli, rose syrup, milk, sabja seeds or basil seeds, almonds and other nuts. It is sweet milk that has a creamy and smooth texture. It is also crunchy and refreshing. Rose Falooda drink needs four ingredients only. You can also add dry fruits, vanilla ice cream, flavoured jelly or anything as per your choice. You can also make falooda in different flavours such as Kesar Pista, mango, kulfi or any other flavour you like. If you want to taste it outside and don’t wish to prepare it at home still you can get it in different varieties.

The sabja seeds are kept for a couple of hours same as chia seeds until they take a gelatinous texture. You can blend with all the other ingredients. The sabja seeds are native to India and are easily available in every Indian household for their immunity booster properties. They are also good for the skin as they are rich in antioxidants. Sabja seeds are good in controlling diabetes. There are several advantages of Sabja seeds so having a rose falooda is not harmful as it has no side effects and more health benefits. You should try the rose falooda drink.

You will get the best falooda drink all over the UK and most importantly at your local UK spot. You can attempt to make falooda yourself that includes rose syrup, milk, falooda sev, basil seeds, almonds, raspberry jelly, vanilla ice cream, pistachios and cherry. You can have fun taking this culinary project but this might be the best way to treat yourself and order the bold dessert with your samosa and chicken burger.

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