Are you looking for premium quality and amazing wooden art work pieces that are handmade and offered in puzzle forms?

You will get an exclusive range of pieces like wooden dolphin sculpture, wooden animal sculptures, wooden bird sculptures, wooden butterfly wall decor and different other items.

WoodFlair, a company with more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing high quality sculptures, decorative items, nativity sets and folkloric figures from three regions of Peru, brings to you some of the best quality and amazing decorative items that are offered in puzzle forms and offered in safe and secure way.

A team of professional artists has been working here, who are involved in hand-painted wooden pieces – mainly which are sourced from Amazon Rainforest. They handcraft such works of art pieces by pieces by using a technique that is unique and developed by famous artists. Each art work is known for forming a dramatic jigsaw puzzle with dozens of unique pieces that are resulting in harmonious and pleasant objects for decoration and collection.

The set of amazing pieces are made one at a time, starts with selection of the wood, preparation, the cutting that always follows a position of the vein, the sanding, rounding of the edges, painting and gluing that are done by hand. The process is completed with a rigorous quality control – making each work unique and exclusive. They are appreciated by select consumers in many parts of the world.


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