Dating someone has an emotional aspect. Though there are exceptions, most times, dating someone means getting seriously involved with the person. But do you agree to date with a robot? Even if one day, a robot is designed to think and feel like a human, will you feel comfortable dating with it? I know some of you will reject the idea outright, some are ready to try it and others are confused flocks. Let me provide you with some interesting facts not to influence your decision but to update your fund of facts and figures.

What do millennials say?

Can you believe that 27% of millennials (they’re between 18 and 34 years) have said they will consider having sex with a robot?  However strange it may sound to some, it is the figure what Havas, a think tank based in Paris, claims. I am pretty sure, the figure is going to increase in immediate future. A possible answer to the trend will lie in the reality that people are losing interest in dating with a human of the same or opposite sex.

Havas regularly surveys about the impact of technology on society and its people. It conducted a survey among 12, 000 people of varied nationalities and mixed ages to understand what people think about how robots will affect a different aspect of their life.

Sex robots are on sale

If having sex with robot seems to be nothing but a dream or at least, an idea impossible to translate in near future, let me tell you that ‘sexbots’ are already available for purchase. Samantha, a British sexbot, is already on sale in London. The popularity of Samantha makes it clear that it is a successful effort of taking the sex doll a few steps further.

Dating robots are programmed to resemble real people. However, we need to wait and watch a few years to understand if these sexbots can fire up the zeal in their partners on a bed or not.

Men are more comfortable with the idea of dating robots

According to studies, men are three times more likely to consider robots a more loyal, suitable and better dating partner than women. Does the fact surprise you? Most likely! Not all men are greedy for sex though some are for sure. However, the fact clearly statesmen are finding robots more loyal than women are. In other words, girls have fewer chances to meet a real guy in their lifetime. There are reasons to feel concerned.

Robots will be customized to serve different people

If sexbots or relationship robots become popular worldwide, no one-fits-all solution will rock the world. Truly speaking, the technicians will introduce and popularize a customized solution to serve every person interested in dating with a robot. Each person has a different expectation from his/her partner. On your request, the technician will design a relationship robot that will understand your demand and fulfill your needs. In other words, it will be possible to find out a designer robot as your perfect partner.

Dating a robot has an advantage, as it will be less needy and greedy than a human being. The question is whether it will have love and passion like a human being. However, I’m pretty sure that we’re inching closer to an age of weird dating trends in the future.


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