The best way to enhance math interest is to play some fun math games in class. In this article, we come up with the five most amazing math games that are best for students. CBSE School in Abu Dhabi should focus on these games to improve mathematical calculations. 

Teaching Math concepts to students has always been considered a daunting task for teachers. Whether it’s about explaining geometric figures or basic algebraic equations, students often find difficulties while grasping the concepts. Well, a simple solution to eliminate this problem is to switch to modern techniques. Students love to play fun games. It would be great if you clear the concepts of students with these online games. It will not only retain their attention for long but also give short tricks to do the calculation in mind. 

Here are five fun games that students can play in the Math class-

  1.   Math Bingo

This game has an interesting twist than the original game. In this, you may start by the creation of bingo cards that students need to answer for different multiplication tables. When you hand out cards to students, initiate the game while calling numbers. Here the trick is to call an equation instead of a product. 

For instance, call out equation 5×6 instead of product 30. In this way, students will perform the calculation on the number every time you say any equation. This fun game is best for 3 to 6 classes.

  1.   Math Baseball

Another best game for improving mental Math is “Math Baseball”. In this, you have to divide the class into 2 teams and come up with Math questions for each team. For starting the team, call the captain of each team and toss the coin to know which team first bats.

Once both the teams are ready for playing on the field, the pitching team “pitches” Math problems at the batting team. Now, the team has the advantage of choosing questions as per the points and difficulty level. If the answer is right, a student gets a check on first base. If not, then the student is out. Each team gets 3 outs; when one team has 3 outs then another team is to bat. It will continue until a winning team comes. It’s best for 2 to 8 class students.

  1.   101 and Out

When it comes to polish the additional skills of students, 101 and out is the best game to play. In this game, divide students into a team and it requires a pencil, paper & dice. 

The objective of this game is to come as close as possible to 101 without going exceeding this number or “out”. When a dice will roll, it will count as 1 or 10. For instance, if you are rolling 3, it will count as 3 or 30. This way students will calculate what number to be rolled to get the desired number to come close to 101. 

  1.   Around the Block

In this game, you just need a ball to practice almost any mathematical skill. Firstly, put together all questions that are related to a skill. Now, tell students to stand in a circle. When a student gets a ball, let aloud questions from the provided list.

Now, students must pass the ball clockwise around that circle, plus the one who has started must answer the question before receiving it again in hand. If any student answers incorrectly, he can pass the ball to the next student for the next question. If the student answers correctly, that student has the privilege to choose the next contestant. 

  1.   Back-to-Back

This game involves a pair of students standing beside the blackboard, facing away from one other, having chalk in their hands. 

A third student will say, “numbers up”, requiring each student to write a number on board in a specific range. Then, the third student says to produce or sum two numbers. Using this info, a competitor wins by saying the other number first.

Abu Dhabi Indian Schools focus on such games to make a strong ground for students. These are some of the games that must be played to increase math intelligence.

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