Managing ambulance prior authorization isn’t easy as unlike billing for any other specialty, it is based purely on a definitive diagnosis. The apparent condition of the patient is the basis on which they are dealt with first. The Patient care report sets the benchmark for ambulance billing as well as coding alongside the additional backing of the running sheets.

Proper documentation in the PCR reports is critical to receive payments promptly. Based on the patient’s anatomy, the reflection of the injury or condition specification has to be demonstrated. Some of the other details such as the level of service which can be Advanced Life Support and even Basic Life Support and its proper reflection create transparency in receiving reimbursements in the best possible manner.

At present, reducing operational expenses is a top priority for ambulatory providers. Hence, creating the perfect ecosystem that eliminates any practice management hassles is key. All you need is a competent team of experts who knows how to drive payments with an experienced team that can upgrade your practice management standards with a streamlined ambulance prior authorization process to fall in place.

Sunknowledge with the ultimate assurance

The biggest advantage of working with us is our extensive experience of working with the best. Our team takes pride in providing excellent references and we have client testimonials to prove that with pride.

With over 100’s of client references and a dedicated model of assistance at just $7 per hour, we eliminate your practice management loopholes with a synchronized prior authorization process to fall in place. We know how to work out a perfect plan at your front end which reduced back-end denials and collection issues in the best possible manner.

Right from the initiation of prior authorization requests to following up with the insurance and validating the same in the billing system, our team has the perfect answer for you. Hire us if you are looking for a perfect partner who can take care of your ambulance prior authorization challenges. Leverage the advantage we bring to the table as a next-gen revenue cycle management services company.


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