The cenotes present in Tulum and Riviera Maya are the most mysterious one in this world. Not everyone can explore these caves, as most of them need a professional cave diving certification. However, others can explore these breathtaking and exotic caves by assisted cave diving. It is now one of the adventure destinations in Mexico. The Mexico Tourism Department has implemented rules and regulations to be followed by adventure clubs licensed to serve adventure tourists and recreational tourists. Cave diving Tulum Mexico is the best to visit under guided adventure tour.

Since 2004, more and more new underground caves are discovered. You can see them in videos and photos only as of now. At present, it is not feasible to reach there by all. Only the professional cave divers do such exploration and go to the extreme, where the Mayans went first. For others, it will be a mysterious place under this earth. It is estimated that there are many caves hidden here. It might stretch up to 1000 km underground. Not all new cave findings are explore-able by tourists. Feasibility is under the study to see, environmental, safety and risk features involved in such discoveries.

Cave diving Riviera Maya is one of the most happening places in Mexico. Apart from the cave explorers and cave divers, it is a recreational place for others. They are interested in underwater cave photography, cave swimming, and sighting the beautiful white stalactites like snow and stalactites with exotic green surroundings. Its crystal-clear water does not require a snookering gear. You will be mesmerized to see a dim flash of sunlight penetrating the cave and water present in these caves. It is the best place to come and see the mysterious caves by cave diving and by swimming. The deeper you go, you will feel you are in the lost world. The dark side of these caves is the best to see with headlight.

The Mayans as a sacrificial place once used Tulum and Riviera Maya cenotes. They are up to 30-meters deep, and still, exploration is going on with scientific methods to find more depths that are new to human eyes. Such cave routes might reach the sea through. We hope new such caves will be permitted to the tourists soon. It is a mighty place to visit once in a lifetime.

Cave diving Riviera Maya and Cave diving Tulum Mexico is the best to visit under an organized tour. You can check for resort booking, cave adventure trips, and full cave diving package with an assisted tour. It will be better to visit these caves early in the morning to see the sunlight penetration into these aquatic caves.



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