It is often seen that healthcare practices end up wasting a lot of time in insignificant clerical tasks that could potentially be automated; saving healthcare staff’s time and aiding them in focusing more on patient care. For instance task like keeping payer directories renewed which requires restoration or updating approximately every 90 days is not only a waste of time but also a huge amount of money. And in these cutthroat situations, healthcare practices being occupied with billing operations and not inpatient care management could lose a lot of patients.

Furthermore, the constant look for measures to ensure that healthcare practices are always updated about the information, etc in this ever-changing billing regulation and complex billing process, it often becomes challenging for many healthcare practices to keep a track of.

As even the slightest smallest mismatch in data can be enough to slow down the overall payment for your practice, resulting in inconsistent HME billing operation.


Sunknowledge Services Inc: the key towards a better HME billing management:


Starting from maintaining updated information and reducing the amount of paperwork that your front office staff ends up doing, Sunknowledge experts help in providing more time to the healthcare practices for other administrative work by optimizing the overall billing operation.

Escalating your cash flow our experts keep a complete track record by ensuring customized robust reporting on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Saving your in-house team from the hassle of complex billing and coding update, our experts further maintain a 99.9% accuracy rate. Our experts with continuous follow-up and stringent policy further ensure timely claims submission. Eliminating the extra cost that your in-house billers end up wasting, our experts also guarantee 80 % operational cost diminution, saving a lot of money at a service charge of only $7 per hour or starting from 2% of the collection.

Helping you save you time, effort and boost efficiency in your HME billing, Sunknowledge Services Inc today is one of the leading revenue cycle management solutions across the US with excellent industry references. For more information visit our site or speak to our experts to get you a seamless HME billing operation.


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