Did you ever wonder what it takes to create a perfect animated movie or animated images? Animation needs effort starting from the conception to production.

However, people like us may enjoy watching an animated movie or images but we hardly think about the process in which it can be made. We are too busy enjoying the movie and connecting with the characters that we forget to think about how it was made.

If you want to become a professional in 3d modeling then understanding the process that is required to make such movies of graphics is essential.

What do you need to become a 3D model expert?

 The simple answer is patients. It is not easy to make an animation and learning it is also not one day’s work. You have to get familiar with the human body if you really know how it moves.

This means you have to take tome and observe people and understand the actions they are making. You have to know how they walk, talk, and convey their emotions. As all this information will be necessary when you start animating.

Moreover, you also need perseverance as when you are animating something it really takes a lot of time.

From where should you start?

 The first thing you must ask yourself is what do you want to do? You have to remember that you will be known as an animator and this will eventually become your specialty. Once you decide on it you will get handy with the software that you will be using.

The software that is widely used for animation is MAYA. You have to understand what you will be animating, mostly the background or the characters.

you can adapt to software more if you keep using it, and it will also help you to work faster.

How can you learn animation?

You will get plenty of online animation courses that you can choose. All these courses have a systematic approach to learning. They will start from the basic and eventually get into the difficult aspects of animations.

As an animator, you have to get familiar with yourself with body physics. There is no short cut for this! You can only know about the body by learning human anatomy and continuous practice.

Keep a drawing pad with and keep drawing. It will be useful. You will see that people are always doing something or the other and if you can capture those activities on the paper it will become easier for you to understand how the human body works.

However, don’t look like a “stalker” when you observe people.

The commitment to excellence

 The animators work tirelessly so that they can give their animations a life. If you think about taking up animations the get prepared to put in the kind of effort that all these animators have done to give their audience a memorable and entertaining content.

At BeanBox you will get a group of talented animators who bring the designs to life. They are a 3d modeling company who believes that any business be it large or small must use high-end 3d animation for clearly communicating their ideas and messages.

Animation should not be only for the big companies who have a huge budget for their big advertisements.

BeanBox uses the same techniques that the film industry uses but they strip off the unnecessary stages yet keeps the quality high and in a minimize production time and costs.


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