Challenge coins are great items that express brotherhood and the recipient cherishes the memory for years after. Designing them too is fun. But there’s a lot to consider and plan out before starting to design one.
With years of experience in designing challenge coins, we thus have come up with this guide. Here we will describe the exact steps you need to take for creating a great challenge coin design. IF you are looking for challenge coins, you can always approach us. We create excellent and unique coins including custom wooden coins that are sure to make your event more memorable.

Come Up With an Idea

The first step is obviously coming up with a solid idea for your coin design. You must have a clear vision about why you need the coins and what purpose will they serve. You also should have the color scheme in your mind.
Things get easier when you are designing for sports teams, as they will already have a specific color scheme and logo for them. However, placing the logos, mascots, and slogans, so that it creates a splendid visual appeal is what your task is as a designer.
So, find inspiration from free resources available on the internet at places like Pinterest, Google Images, or other coin designs and come up with your own brilliant idea.
Make a quick sketch and show it to the manufacturers for them to glimpse of what vision you have in mind for your coin.

Challenge Coin Design Options

Now that you have a clear vision of how your coin is going to look, it’s time to select from the design options you have. You have to select the size, shape, metal plating, and other elements of construction before the manufacturer can proceed with your coin. Here are your options.

Size and Shape

The average size of challenge coins is 1.75” in diameter. However, 2” coins are becoming popular because of the space they provide for intricate details to be included in the artwork.
Even challenge coins can be as small as 1.5”. However, it’s a bit difficult to create artwork that would be legible in the small space that it has. So, if you are planning to get 1.5” coins make sure the artwork like the text and the design details are kept to a minimum.

You can even get oversized coins like 2.5” and 3” in diameter if you want. These coins have a greater impact on the recipient and have the space required for excellent design details to be included.

After selecting the size, now you can choose the shape of your coin. The most common shape is a circle, but if you want any other shape, it can be easily materialized.

Colors, Metal Plating, and Edging

Now choose the colors. Decide if you want color on both sides of the coin or not. You also need to decide what type of color you want for your coin. You can choose from hard enamel and soft enamel.

Apart from the colors, you also need to decide on the metal plating you want. You can choose high polished metals like silver and gold with darker enamel colors. Black metal coins look best with bright enamel colors like yellow and white that stands as a sharp contrast to the black color and the artwork looks very attractive.

The last thing to choose is the edging. A flat edging does well in most cases, but if you want something different, you can choose from several edging options available.

This is how you design your challenge coins. If you are looking for excellent and unique coins, you can approach us. We create every type of coin including custom wooden coins that will surely help to make your event memorable and cherished for years to come.


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