Understanding of the long term care priorities, regulations followed by Medicare with skilled nursing home is quite complex. There are a number of requirements which has to be met before a stay in a nursing home is covered. For the first 20 days, Medicare pays for 100 percent of the cost. For the next 80, Medicare covers almost 80% of the cost.

It is also important to understand to check if the individual that has the Advantage plan has the same coverage if not additional. As a nursing home, you must make sure that you set the right benchmark with your claims submission process that adheres to the federal and commercial payer mandates. However, finding a quality team that can optimize your nursing home billing can be a hard task. It all comes down to understanding the process of how nursing homes bill for their services.

Sunknowledge drives your ROI

The best part of working with Sunknowledge is our extensive experience and ability to work as your operational extension. Our team offers dedicated resources at just $7 per hour or 1.99% of collections. We know how to offer a full-service approach that eliminates proven pain points in your revenue cycle.

Over the years, we know how to deliver your actionable support and know-how to drive your payments in the best possible manner. Moreover, we know it all and deliver task-specific support in checking eligibility if needed, entering patient demographic details, submitting claims on time, managing denials, and collecting your aging accounts receivable.

Speak to our experts on how we serve true value! Our niche ability to drive your cash flow makes us a preferred destination for some of the largest nursing homes in the country. Schedule a “no commitment call” with our team and share with you on what difference we bring to the table. Find out from our success stories on how we have reduced operational costs by 70%. Leverage on our experience and trust as a next-gen nursing home billing company. We are just a click or call away from you.


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