Originally developed by a local tribe in Indonesia as a tool for farming, the karambit knife for sale today is the perfect combination of stealth and style. Let’s take a look the history of the karambit, and at how you can best use it in today’s modern society.

Karambit knives date back to the 11th century and are a great utility tool that can be commonly found in tactile kits around the world. The design has not changed much over the years. A modern karambit is just more versatile in its use than the original version.

You can buy Karambit knives that are hand made or just go for machine made ones. While machine made karambit knives offer a proportionate build and is comparatively inexpensive, hand made karambits can cost a lot depending on the amount of labor and intricacy that goes in its design.

A karambit knife for daily use can be single edged, double edged or multi edged. Karambit knives feature a curved blade design that resembles a tiger’s claw. A safety ring at the bottom of a karambit knife’s handle distinguishes it from other knives and gives it an edge in terms of grip and wider usability.

You can buy a karambit knife for various purposes. Most people buy it as a utility tool to take along for camping and adventures. The knife can be deployed either in a reverse or a forward grip, depending on how you wish to use it. Karambits for self-defense are best used with a reverse grip so that you have perfect control of its ergonomics.

Your karambit knife in Canada can either be a fixed blade or a folding one. While a fixed blade karambit knife is sturdier and more reliable overall, the foldable blade karambits are easier to carry around and store in pockets. It keeps the user safe and is easier to conceal.


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