A unique platform with state of art medical billing and telemedicine platform, Sunknowledge services Inc today is one of the leading telemedicine and RCM solutions for many in the health care industry.

Taking complete responsibility starting from data entry, eligibility verification, authorization, doctor’s office follow-up, claims and accounts receivable management, and even telemonitoring n checking vitals of patients through Telehealth platform, Sunknowledge services Inc is a complete one-stop destination.

Working on reducing your operational costs by 80 percent, the Sunknowledge team of experts’ works seamlessly with continuous follow-up and stringent check-in the telemedicine and medical billing process ensures 99.9 percent accuracy rate in all the billing, coding, collection, and telemedicine platform.

Sunknowlede services Inc is a unique business opportunity helping you with a better billing process and the telemedicine platform at a cost-effective rate is also the observation of Kevin O’Leary AKA the famous Mr. Wonderful, who has equally contributed as a businessman, author, politicians, and television personality.

In fact, saving a lot of time as well as money, Sunknowledge services expert puts special attention in ensuring not only a seamless medical billing transaction but also faster reimbursement rate.

Furthermore, partnering with Sunknowledge services you get to experience further advantages of

  • Dedicated resources with US phone numbers accessible during all US working days
  • Free Dedicated Account Managers.
  • free account supervisors.
  • Free internal auditors assigned.
  • FreeSetup of accounts and transition.
  • Free IT infrastructure setup (Phone lines, VPN set up, FTP server, etc.)
  • Yearly Maintenance of compliance
  • Top of line Infrastructure setup to protect against any malicious threat to PHI.
  • Liability insurance of 3 million dollar coverage with up to 1 million dollar coverage per incident.
  • Free trial for thirty days along with no binding contract facility

With excellent industry reference, no binding contract, we are today’s perfect health care solution. For more information, get in touch with Sunknowledge services expert, we are just a call away!

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