The Color of your eyes is one of the most distinguishing human characteristics. Almost countless variants, shades, and hues are available of green, blue, gray, brown, and hazel color and are found in eyes from around the world. Any medical conditions, eye diseases, and other uncontrollable factors can permanently change a person’s eye color by eye color laser surgery. Blue, Green, or brown; eye color is just one part of who you are. A darker eye is beautiful and mysterious, but just beneath the darker pigment lays your unique shade of green or blue. Eye color laser surgery breaking down of the pigment and after that, the eyes will look blue. Laser eye color change surgery provides the opportunity for a person who wants to change their eye color permanently; however, significant complications with the implants have led to an explanation in many cases. Laser surgeries were likely to experience complications, such as:

• Injury to the cornea
• Partial vision loss or blindness
• Eye Inflammation and swelling
• Redness
• Blindness (partial or total)
• Glaucoma
• Early onset cataracts
• Blocked eye drain
• Severe infections
• The need for a corneal transplant
• Swelling of the cornea
• Light sensitivity
• Blurry vision
• Pupils unable to dilate

Two common ways of changing eye color permanently:

1. Iris implant
2. Laser surgery

Most people in the world love blue eyes. According to some recent studies, mostly peoples rate blue eyes as one of the most attractive characteristics when judging the beauty of anyone. The eye color laser surgery treats only on the iris portion and doesn’t enter the pupil part or treat any portion of the inside of the eye where the nerves affecting the vision are located. The eye color laser surgery targets the melanin in the iris of the eye and breaks down the pigment in the outer layers. The outcome of the eye color laser surgery procedure will permanently change your eye color to blue. Laser surgery technically does not change the color of your eye, it changes what people see of your eye color (lasers technique can change the color of dark eyes to lighter eye color). This technique to change the eye color permanently is safe and effective in applying a laser to the iris, without eye surgery. The laser reduces the density of the iris pigment, lightening the eye color. This laser surgery technique changes your eye color by destroying the pigment, or color, cells in your iris.

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