Rise of inpatient admissions all across long-term care facilities, skilled nursing homes are overburdening the staff more than ever before. There is already a huge shortage of skilled labor all across the country and finding a competent team that understands in and out of long term care billing can be a tough ask.

A quality team of experts that drives revenue as a reliable operational extension will be extremely difficult for a lot of providers of long term care services. All you need is a trained team of billers and coders that can eliminate process flaws and make you profitable in the long run.

Making sure that all your reimbursements are realized, denials are attended properly with minimal hassles of write-offs or adjustments and appeals is the way forward. Also, reducing the costs of everyday operations remains a major challenge for everyone and to earn a competitive edge, you need specialized intervention.

The Sunknowledge assurance for a hassle-free RCM

Our unique approach, customized reporting support at next door rates make us a champion long term care facilities billing destination. We know how to deliver actionable assistance and take pride in our references from leading industry participants all across the country. Over the last twelve years, we have eliminated loopholes in practice management efforts for the largest names with great credentials.

We have excellent success stories of reducing costs in operations by 80%, drive ROI for the biggest and the best with our superior process and customized action plan. Right from working on your patient intake information, submission of claims, managing your denials, collecting from your aging accounts receivable, posting the payments, we are a one-stop destination for all your long term care facilities billing demands.

Looking to know more about how we generate trust! Our experts will be glad to give you a complete outline. Schedule a demonstration now and come to know how we implement checks and balances for a complete transformation in your payables as a disciplined revenue cycle management company.


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