Managing urgent care billing can be quite demanding. It is no secret that the urgent care center is a lucrative domain mainly due to its – immediate accessible healthcare services/ solutions to patients with non-life-threatening medical conditions and shorter wait times. However, today as the demand for urgent care services are mounting, practices are facing an increasing rate of challenges mainly in managing seamless billing transaction and claims.  

In fact, more than 74% of urgent care providers are having sleepless nights as irregular claims are crashing more of ROI.  

How do you address your urgent care billing and its claims problems?  

Today the best way to address medical billing problems is by outsourcing its billing services to a revenue cycle management company. As not only do they offer you with a cost effective rate taking care of the entire billing responsibility but analyzing your problems and work on improving them instantly like Sunknowledge.   

Sunknowledge caters to all your urgent care billing needs:  

Streamlining the process, saving time and resources, and ultimately increasing revenue, Sunknowledge today, has more than 100 clientele list in the urgent care space. 

Taking care of the complex urgent care billing and its claims management process, Sunknowledge with its expert ensures –  

  • Resolving all complex billing codes: with technological and medical advancement, there is a constant foreword of new codes, which is often the reason for confusion for many and the cause of errors. Furthermore, its billing involves intricate codes for various services and procedures, which change periodically. Thus, properly coding claims is essential for accurate reimbursements, which Sunknowledge expert excels in. With certified coders working continuously on your coding operation we ensure that you are constantly correctly coded for better reimbursement.
  • Manage your rising patient volume and turnover: Urgent care centers typically have a high patient volume with short visits, resulting in a large number of claims which is often a problem for many in-house resources resulting – in missing out on information, delayed claims submission, increased in error rate in the billing and coding process and so delayed cash. This is why Sunknowledge is the perfect fit in keeping up with the processing and tracking of these claims. Ensuring a faster claims submission and 99.9% accuracy in the billing and coding process, we reduce your chances of delayed reimbursement.
  • Reduces the frequent denials and rejections: Urgent care claims are often subject to denials and rejections due to errors, incomplete documentation, or insurance coverage issues and many more. Partnering with Sunknowledge all these can be easily avoided as our billers and coders are not only proficient working on various billing software but also understanding all your billing needs close your urgent care billing gaps efficiently.

Being a leading RCM company, Sunknowledge today is the perfect example of cost-effective solution that offers comprehensive billing solutions tailored to the needs of urgent care centers.  

So what are you waiting for? Call the expert now and improve your revenue generation in no time with Sunknowledge. 


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