Roller shades are the perfect window treatment to install inside of your home. These shades work well with any existing style inside your home. How exactly does one install these shades? Here is a complete guide for your help.

Tools Required for Installing Roller Shades

Before beginning with the installation process, make sure that you have all the necessary tools. These resources and tools make installation easy. Which tools are needed? In order to properly install roller shades you will need the following:

  • Step ladder
  • Drill
  • Metal tape for measurement
  • Phillips head screwdriver

After making sure you have all of the necessary tools, next you have to decide how to mount the best roller shades – whether it will be mounted outside or inside of the window. Every variety of roller shades have their own benefits, but the way of mounting affects installation and the fit of the shades. It is imperative to choose the right method of mounting.

Hanging Roller Shades

Though different shades have different ways of hanging, there are some general installation practices that are applicable to all shades. It is advised to check the installation guide available with each particular window shade to determine whether there are different steps that need to be followed for that particular window shade.

Step 1: Install the brackets of the shades

The very first step in installing the best roller shades is mounting the brackets. The placement of the brackets will depend on the type of mounting you have decided. If it is for inside mounting, brackets are attached to the ceiling, wall, molding or window frame. For outside mounting, you have to fit the shade in the brackets and then center it over the window. When the shade is placed properly, mark the position of the bracket on the wall and attach it with screws. After securing the first bracket, put the shade in the second bracket. Now, place that mounted bracket and mark the position of the second bracket on the wall. Finally, install the second bracket right in place.

Step 2: Insert the shade

After installing the brackets, insert the actual shade by placing a spring loaded end into the bracket and pushing the other sides into the slots. After placing the shade on both the sides, gently pull the shade down so that it is securely locked.

Step 3: Test the shade

Once you have installed the best roller shades, you should test them by gently pulling the shade up and down to ensure that it operates correctly. If there are no operational problems, then the installation is correct.

You can always consult a window treatment store expert for help if there are any issues with your installation.

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