With the rapid increase in the aging population in the US, skilled nursing home facilities are not only expected to see numerous challenges but also risks too. With the ever-changing billing regulation, the skilled nursing home facilities billing further becomes challenging for healthcare practices. In fact, here are few problems that skilled nursing home facilities have to suffer from on a regular basis:

Lack of skilled billers and coders – with the ever-changing billing rule and regulations it is hard to find the perfect team of billers and coders but also hard in recruiting and retaining competent nursing staff that not only ensure efficient billing management but also faster ROI at a cost-effective rate.

Financial pressure – skilled nursing home facilities generally operate on thin margins in the face of inadequate Medicaid reimbursement thus with inexperienced billers and coders further makes the whole billing process quite challenging.

Lack of patient care – intensive care requirement is needed in the SNF process but with the improper billing proper the complete attention is seen shifting towards patient care and not in the billing process. Hence deterioration in patient care management. This is why Sunknowledge Services Inc is the perfect solution.

Why so?

Thriving in a changing marketplace for the last 10 years, Sunknowledge Services Inc not only provides the industry best practices but also helps in focusing on core work like patient care management.

Resolving your issues related to billing staffs with our experienced billers and certified coders, our experts maintaining a 99.9% accuracy rate further reduces your chances of denial and rejection of claims.  Helping you with the highest productivity metrics and collection rate of 97%, we help all our clients with a decrease in their operational cost by 80% further.

So if you are suffering from staffing issues lowest collection rate, errors in your skilled nursing home facilities billing process, you know the right destination. For more information, get in touch with our experts and see how we can completely change your skilled nursing facilities billing process for good.


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