Safety and security are the most primary conditions for farmers to drive a tractor model. 

If you have a Sonalika tractor, there are some primary steps you must know to protect your tractor model. There are a variety of different safety parts, and equipment options are available. In this way, you can proceed using the tractor without any worry. In a tractor, there are various safety parts and attachments that help to prevent unconditional damages. 

These parts and attachments are used to determine all features on the tractor and maximize its performance in the field. Farmers use attachments and other farming implements to enhance the fertility of farms. Through these safety parts and attachments farmers are more safe and secure in the working field. 

You can get these parts and attachments from your local tractor dealer or online through the various websites. Available safety and security options include the following:

Backup Alarm

As you know, there are many damages that happen when tractor operators are supported. People who are working or children may not realize that the driver may not be able to see the person moving the machine. As a result, backup may pose a safety risk. That’s why the backup alarm is a good selection for tractor parts. This alarm emits a very loud and noisy warning sound every time the tractor is put into reverse direction. This ensures safety because those who can get behind the tractor will be able to hear it and move out of the way. The kit can simply be installed on both current and old Sonalika tractor models.

Locking Fuel Cap

The locking fuel cap is essential because it can help deal with a vast number of issues. No one can harm your tractor or steal fuel if they themselves are not capable of the fuel cap. Having this type of cap will do better work to avoid accidental damage. The locking fuel cap will be secure and will assure that the fuel line is not left open where trash and other waste could fall in.

The locking fuel cap for Sonalika tractors is made to element on older tractor models as well as new ones. It arrives with a set of two keys that you will have easy access to the cap while needed.

Clutch Locks

Clutch locks are essential to join and free the tractor engine from the transmission gears, and wheels drive. It transmits power using friction, and it should have a greater capacity to transfer maximum power without shifting. You have to worry that someone may steal your tractor model, and it proves very costly. Clutch locks fitted to tractor models, and they have specific keys too. The incredible thing about these security parts and attachments is that they can use any model of tractor. You do not have to buy the latest tractor model to get this safety equipment.

  • Clutch lock is an authentic solution to assure safety to the tractor as well as the clutch plate. 
  • This attachment acts as a unique anti-theft device which stops the tractor from moving even after starting the engine. 
  • It is made up of a strong stainless steel rod which is challenging to cut open.

Everything you need to do is communicate with your local dealer to find out what parts you want to get and how they can install on your Sonalika tractor. These safety and security precautions are necessary whether you have a farm with industrial size equipment or have compact tractor models for a small farm like your home or landscaping business.

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