Fashion has always focused on specific demographics of skinny women, but ignores that real women have a variety of body shapes and sizes. Nowadays, more and more designers are playing with the idea of wholesale plus size clothing. With acknowledging and celebrating fashion for curvy women, we are hoping to see designers back home stand above the needs and rights of the plus size women. Today, we have compiled some stunning tricks for plus size women, with advice on how to find outfits that make you look flattering and the most importantly feel good.

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  1. Accept Your Body Shape

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    The reason why this trick is the most important is that accepting your body shape and what you have got is the crucial factor for your personal style and self-confidence. There is no need to cover up the areas you are self-conscious of, as you can make yourself look slimmer by wearing the right outfits and hiding your body. Everyone, no matter what their figure, wants to wear the right clothing to spend a good time. But accepting your body shape, eliminating all possible defects and all wonderful assets, will enable you to make better style decisions.

  2. Know Your Silhouettes

    There are no set rules about fashion and style, but the science behind why certain shaped garment modify different body silhouettes is crucial to refer to when in doubt. For instance, empire line dresses look fantastic on pear-shaped ladies with slimmer waists and bigger thighs. However, you should avoid empire lines if you are an apple-shaped woman, because the fit around the waist can give off maternity vibes.

  3. Accessorize Strategically

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    The power of high-quality accessories can’t be ignored. Whether it is a statement jewelry, belt or big earrings, you can match a basic t-shirt and jeans combo with accessories to create amazing effects. Our favorite tip is to accessorize high street clothing with high-end handbags or shoes, which instantly make your overall look unique.

  4. Invest in Quality Basics

    Just like high-quality jewelry, some trustworthy basics will help you through the most difficult times. Investing in quality basic items are perfect for a minimalist style, or for those times when you just can not be bothered. The thick belt on vest tops and non-stick fabrics will help you to look and feel your best.

  5. Try Multiple Sizes

    shestar wholesale plus size colorblock ethnic print shirt

    When it comes to the size of the attire, don’t be addicted to yourself! The size on the label is just a number, it does not mean anything or represent what you are as a person. You may find a larger or smaller size than what you think is a better fit, so always experiment with multiple sizes when you are out shopping. Free returns for online purchases also make it easy to do at home.

  6. Invest in Good Underwear

    This tip is not only suitable for plus size women, but every woman should own well-fitting underwear, as it’s the best way to ensure that your apparel fit you perfectly. Make sure you are wearing the right bra size by taking measurements and don not restrict yourself to oversized knickers. Invest in one beloved, well-supportive underwear and let your confidence soar! And keep in mind to rock a nude bra under transparent or light colors to avoid triangle bra straps. Nude bras are available in a variety of shades to suit your skin tone and blend with your skin under your plus size clothing.

  7. Try to Rock a Crop Top

    shestar wholesale plus size flower embroidered mesh sleeve black crop top

    Just because you aren’t a size “S” doesn’t mean you can’t throw on crop tops. Just look at that plus size clothing fashion bloggers, all of them wear crop tops and rock them well. If you want to wear a crop top then do, as a bit of skin showing can look quite charming. If you are self-conscious but want to shake a crop top, match it with a cool leather jacket or a long cardigan, and in this way, you can have a bit of skin showing but still feel covered. Confidence can overcome everything!

  8. Make the Most of Colors

    shestar wholesale plus size half zipper tie dye teddy-sweatshirt

    The colors you wear can express your mood! Since style and dressing are all part of self-expression, consider what you are portraying with your costumes. Now, remember the color wheel from the school and the complementary opposites? These are the perfect color combinations that work well in style too.

  9. Get Your Hair Done

    Your hair really helps to modify your face and adds an extra statement to your appearance. If you are feeling down in confidence or something is to happen, get a blow wave or style your hair with charming curls. Making that extra bit of effort with your hair will make you feel better and as we keep saying, confidence is the best dress!

  10. Finding Good Fitting Jeans

    Owning a pair of reliable jeans is a fail-safe outfit win. You can dress jeans up as well as down with any tops, so finding a good pair is essential for your closet. Remember to always do some tries when shopping for jeans, as a good pair won’t reveal your butt and you will feel a good stretch in them.

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