Urgent care centers are quite often considered as inadequately relevant because it is generally speculated that these institutions deal mostly with minor issues. Although urgent care centers do not treat more serious cases like emergency rooms, they are vital because they treat illnesses or injuries that require immediate attention. Urgent care facilities’ fundamental therapy can occasionally prevent serious criticality. Even though the cases addressed by urgent care clinics tend to be minor, facility management are anxious about urgent care billing.

Significant Advancements in Urgent Care Billing

Recent changes in the healthcare system of the United States have produced a plethora of new challenges for both doctors and patients. Many aspects of healthcare reform, including the

  • Integration of more time-consuming procedures
  • Value-based compensation plans
  • Billing laws and regulations are updated on a regularly

Have the potential to result in revenue losses for providers all around the country. If you fail to comply with urgent billing laws and regulations results in an estimated $125 billion in unrecovered funds in the United States each year. Specialists, such as radiologists, have even greater challenges due to the complexity of their treatments and the associated invoicing.

Simultaneously, patients’ ability to pay their bills is diminishing. Since the last decade, patients’ deductible expenses have climbed by 150 percent. According to a Commonwealth Fund research, just 62% of respondents are moderately confident in their capacity to pay for health care. Aside from rising deductibles, in the last decade, average out-of-pocket costs have increased by 71%.

Urgent care billing challenges

Many issues for any urgent care center begin at the front door. In these extraordinary circumstances, you must find a solution to your reimbursement concerns. Reduced operational costs will be a key event that will demand the expertise of a professional. Organizing the:

  • Patient demographic information,
  • Eligibility verification,
  • Recording the proper charges,
  • Investigating the reasons for denials,

Are more important than ever before. You continue to see a high volume of people, particularly on weekends and Fridays. Outsourcing your urgent care billing needs necessitates a well-organized partner who can provide the essential value.  Healthcare practitioners can maximize their earnings, ensure they are properly reimbursed, and continue to serve their communities by addressing problems before they occur.

How Can You Assist Your Organization in Overcoming a Barrier?

Although the data paints a grim picture of the industry’s financial health, there is still reason to be optimistic for healthcare providers. To lessen financial issues and regulatory risks, medical offices are becoming more proactive in their urgent care billing procedures.

Sunknowledge has the ace card in Urgent Care Billing

Our expert support will transform your ROI for only $7 per hour or 1.99 percent of collections. Sunknowledge ensures that all of your payments are processed correctly and without any process gaps that may cost you money in the long term. By serving as your trusted operational extension, we close loopholes and improve reimbursements.

We are a 360-degree revenue cycle management powerhouse that has a wonderful reputation and pride in working with some of the country’s largest urgent care centers. As a dependable functional extension, our team assures to reduce all of your procedure overhead costs by 70% and to close all process gaps.

Our expertise and dedication will assist you in increasing your income collection. Furthermore, with the pressure of billing removed, your staff will be able to focus on patient care. When you connect with Sunknowledge, it’s a win-win situation. You can save up to 70% on billing operations and gain higher appreciation for providing superior patient care.

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