No matter what industry or profession you work in, it is very important to wear the best possible protection for your hands. If you work in the automotive industry then it is very important for you to wear the best gloves for automotive work.

What is the reason for most hand injuries in the automotive industry?

By wearing the best protection for your hands, you can significantly reduce your chances of meeting with common workplace injuries, hazards, threats and risks. There is no denying the fact millions of workers around the world face injuries to their hands, working in different industries. Most injuries in the automotive sector happen either because the workers don’t wear any gloves at all or because they wear ill-fitting gloves.  Wearing the right kind of gloves can save you from workplace injuries which can subsequently save you from exorbitant expenses that you might have had to incur for getting your hand injuries treated.

What can be the costs of not wearing the best gloves for automotive work?

The costs for treating one disabled hand or injured finger ranges from $540 to $26,000 per patient, which is something not all automotive workers, can afford to pay. In case of severe expenses, the costs skyrocket to $730,000 per incident. More than a million workers have to visit the emergency room because of the injuries their hands sustain, while they are at their jobs. Around 70% injuries happen because the workers don’t wear any gloves at all, while the remaining 30% injuries happen when the workers don’t wear the right kind of gloves for the type of hazards, risks and threats, present at their job-sites. An average hand injury can put you out of work for 6 days and sometimes you can be out for weeks and months, depending on the severity of the hand injury suffered by you.

How can hand injuries in different industry be easily avoided?

All of these psychological, economical and emotional costs can easily be avoided by wearing the best gloves for automotive work. Regardless of the type of the vehicle that you work with, you will get gloves for all sorts of automotive work and tasks. You should ideally be looking for the gloves which keep your hand protected from sharp objects and don’t limit your dexterity and movement in any way whatsoever.  You will find all sorts of gloves in the market for all sorts of automotive work, right from stock gripping gloves to cut resistant gloves to oil resistant gloves.

What to look for when buying the best gloves for automotive work?

There are ample choices available in the market which ensure that you will be able to perform different tasks, as safely and efficiently as possible. When you are in the market looking for the best gloves for automotive gloves, you should ideally buy gloves which offer the perfect fit, because around 30% hand injuries happen when workers wear ill-fitting gloves. If you intend to get optimal level of comfort and protection then you need to buy the best gloves for automotive work which offer the perfect ‘fit’. Don’t buy anything too small or too big, because if the glove is too small it can constrict movement and when it is too large it can lessen the dexterity that you need to get the different automotive tasks done, safely and efficiently.


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